What Makes Us Tick

We are data-driven strategists, curious designers, intentional pattern-seekers, playful disruptors, insightful navigators, collaborative partners, storytellers and intergenerational humans.

We are Advance Strategy.

All Profiles

  • Joslyn Balzarini

    Workplace and Destinations

  • Sara Benson

    Workplace, Site Selection and Data Analytics

  • Bryan Croeni

    Organizational Design

  • Doug Demers

    Senior Managing Principal
    Assets and Development

  • Maura Gonzalez


  • Jill Jago

    Senior Associate
    Futures and Experiential Learning

  • Christa Jansen

    Senior Associate
    Workplace, Placemaking

  • Alexander Thomson

    Urban Systems

  • Danny Huang

    Branding and Experience Design

  • Nadya Liebich

    Retail and Placemaking

  • Chris McQuillan


  • Jim Huffman

    Senior Design Director, Western Studios

  • Karen Cvornyek

    President, Asia

  • Patrick Fejér

    Senior Design Principal

  • Jennifer Futol

    Chief Marketing Officer, Principal

  • Catherine Siu


  • Stéphane Lasserre


  • Susanna Swee

    Managing Principal, Shanghai
    Executive Vice President, Asia

  • Matthew Ventura

    Associate, Director Marketing and Communications

  • Dan Levin

    Senior Associate Director, Southeast Asia

  • Picture of Lisa Bate

    Lisa Bate

    Senior Principal, Global Sustainability Lead

  • Callum MacBean

    Principal, Interior Design, Asia

  • Bryan Berg

    Senior Associate, Experience Design

  • Kelly Moorhead

    Signage and Environmental Design

  • Shauna Decker

    Global Development Solutions

  • Allison Robinson

    Facilitation, Research and Analysis

Strategy In Action

International Interior Design Summit – Seattle, WA

Mapping global culture – Shanghai, China

Workplace Innovation collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City- Seattle, WA

International Interior Design Summit – Seattle, WA

Mapping Global Culture – Singapore

Client Visioning: Toronto, ON

International Interior Design Summit- Seattle, WA


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