Advance Strategy

We are a consulting practice that partners with clients to bridge the gap between their long-term business goals and the makeup, design, and performance of real estate assets in service of those goals.

Why do I need it?

The marketplace is always shifting, and so must your thinking. Advance Strategy will help you identify the best solutions based on your business goals, culture, organizational model, and assets.

How does it work?

Through the right mix of data, inquiry, and experience, Advance Strategy partners with clients to envision new possibilities that empower you to successfully flex with the demands of a fast-paced, dynamic marketplace.

What do I get?

With Advance Strategy, you’ll get a trusted advisor who challenges you to think several moves ahead, and  delivers solutions that create the future you want.


“It’s been an A+ effort and the results speak volumes. Until now every architect I’ve met believes they have the best ideas in the world. They should all go back to school and unlearn that attitude. B+H is different. There’s no hierarchy, we all came into the room as equals and the results exceeded expectations.”
Matthew Lai, Chief Design Officer Next Story Group


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