A New Kind of Workplace

When you have a vision for something that’s never been done before you need a partner who can visualize what’s possible and make the business case to ensure your dream gets funded.


The two female entrepreneurs who launched Coterie intuited that there was a gap in the co-working market – Advance Strategy helped them validate their belief and bring the dream to life.

The business model for Coterie began with a thorough analysis of demographics and current workspace options in the downtown core.  By combining workplace assets with a chic and comfortable environment, Coterie Worklounge provides a completely new service to freelancers, consultants and professionals who seek a comfortable, away-from-home work environment but are not attracted to the tech start-up vibe.

We identified and secured a former banking space and innovated a first-of-its-kind adaptive reuse that minimized demolition, reused materials, and retained a substantial number of the space’s original features to create a high-end look and feel on a modest budget.  Our process also identified strategic partnerships and potential marketing channels, including a mutually beneficial partnership with a hotel neighbor.

Designed with the comfort of a lounge, the culture of an upscale bar, and the performance of a tech office, Coterie is one of our favorite examples of what’s possible when we integrate research and business goals with interior design flair.