Creativity Fueled by an Immersive Car Culture

Turn 10 Studios, a division of Microsoft Studios, is the creator of the critically-acclaimed Forza Motorsport franchise.  To give them an edge over other studios competing for talent, Turn 10 wanted a physical environment that embodies the world of real-life car culture, as well as the art and thrill of creating a dream.

Beyond appealing to potential employees, Advance Strategy needed to provide the team with the flexibility to customize spaces for an ever-changing product cycle.

In our visioning work, we discovered that this team of artists, engineers, coders, auto experts, and media specialists are genuine car enthusiasts first and game designers second.

That passionate team deserved a space that reflects Turn 10’s spirit and drive, one that blends the grit and character of a garage workshop with the polished sleekness of custom cars themselves.  The result is an inspiring, functional space with an impressive street-level lobby that showcases a rotating collection of custom cars to get visitors excited about the next generation of racing games.